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Old Traces

Venus Aura Planter

Venus Aura Planter

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Venus Aura Planter
The Venus Aura Planter is a testament to the harmony between nature and craftsmanship, echoing the quiet balance found in Japanese gardens. Each planter is shaped from materials chosen for their natural beauty and longevity, designed to age gracefully and integrate the living essence of your plants into its form. This piece captures the spirit of simplicity and the celebration of the natural world's imperfect beauty, making every glance a moment of zen. It’s a sanctuary for your plants, offering them the breath of life through its ingeniously designed structure that encourages air circulation and light penetration.

Old Traces
Old Traces, launched in 2023 by the enigmatic designer duo Li Wei and Zhang Min in the bustling lanes of Shanghai, is an accessories brand that intricately weaves the essence of Wabi Sabi into its fabric. This boutique studio breathes life into vintage materials, transforming them into contemporary accessories that carry the weight of history and the beauty of age. Each piece in their collection, be it a handcrafted leather belt or a delicately aged metal brooch, tells a story of resilience and beauty found in the wear and tear of time.


Material: Cement
Size: 16cm x 22cm

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