Imperfection from Slow World.

Our Story
We started Wabi Sabi with a vision to bring a slice of Asian elegance into everyday living spaces. But, it's not just about furniture or décor; it's about a lifestyle that appreciates the charm in a well-worn table or the story behind a slightly asymmetrical vase. For us, every piece in our collection is more than an item; it's a narrative of imperfection, simplicity, and serene beauty.

Supporting Local Artisans

Our heartbeat is the talented pool of local artists and creators whose skilled hands breathe life into every product we offer. We're committed to supporting these incredible artisans, ensuring that their traditional techniques, honed over generations, don't just survive but thrive in today's world. By choosing Wabi Sabi, you're not just decorating your home; you're becoming a patron of these rich artistic traditions.

Tailored For The Millennial Soul

You're looking for something that resonates with your soul, something that blends tradition with your modern lifestyle. That's why our collections are curated with you in mind – blending timeless Asian aesthetics with a modern twist. Whether it's a piece that adds Zen to your work-from-home setup or a décor item that's a conversation starter at your next virtual party, we've got you covered.

A Hub for Creative Expression

We're a hub for creative expression. Our blog and content creation services are dedicated to exploring the depths of wabi-sabi philosophy, offering DIY tips, home styling advice, and stories from our artisans. We're here to inspire, inform, and connect with you on a journey of discovering beauty in the everyday.

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Wabi Asia's inception was an odyssey in artistic expression. In a quest to encapsulate the raw beauty of the wabi-sabi philosophy, our brand was born, marrying the rustic charm of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design.

Our journey began with a deep dive into the heart of artisanal communities. Here, we discovered master craftsmen whose hands spoke the language of age-old traditions, weaving stories into every brush stroke, every carved line. Collaborating closely with these artists, we envisioned a collection that would breathe life into the ethos of wabi-sabi – celebrating the elegance in imperfection, the grace in aging, the narrative in every imperfection.

We curated not just items, but experiences. Every piece in Wabi Asia’s collection is a testament to this collaborative artistic process – a dialogue between traditional artistry and modern aesthetics. It's a blend of raw, natural materials and minimalist design, each item resonating with the soul of its creator.

In Wabi Asia, every imperfection is an ode to beauty, every item a piece of art, each collection a story waiting to be told.

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