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Plain Fire

Tsuki Moon Dinnerware Set

Tsuki Moon Dinnerware Set

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Tsuki Moon Dinnerware Set

The Tsuki Moon Dinnerware Set encapsulates the serene and minimalistic beauty reminiscent of a quiet, moonlit night. Each piece is handcrafted using traditional techniques that involve powdered stoneware, skillfully turned on a kiln to achieve its unique texture and form. This artisanal process ensures that no two pieces are exactly alike, embodying the wabi-sabi ethos of appreciating the beauty in imperfection.

Ideal for both casual and formal settings, the set includes various types of plates and bowls, each serving its purpose to enhance the dining experience. They are perfect for presenting a harmonious meal that brings not only nourishment but also a piece of art to the table.

Plain Fire
Launched in 2014 by Zhang Wei in the culturally rich province of Yunnan, China, Plain Fire stands as a testament to the enduring beauty of Wabi Sabi through its unique pottery creations. Zhang Wei's studio specializes in crafting pieces that highlight the raw elegance and subtle imperfections of the earth, inviting a sense of calm and contemplation into everyday moments.


Material: Powdered Stoneware
Color: Please note that each bowl and plate in this series may appear white or gray at random
Bowl 14cm x 5.5cm
Soup Bowl 18.5cm x 8.5cm
Cup 8.5cm x 7cm 225ml
Deep Plate 20.5cm x 5cm
Soup Plate 24cm x 4cm

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