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Yamagata Woodworks

Shizen Lumina Wood Lamp

Shizen Lumina Wood Lamp

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Shizen Lumina Wood Lamp
The Shizen Lumina Wood Lamp, a masterpiece of minimalism, reflects the essence of natural simplicity and tranquility. Crafted with precision and care, this lamp is made entirely from wood, embracing the beauty of its natural grains and textures. Each piece, carved with dedication, stands as a testament to the timeless elegance of nature itself. Its singular light source, enveloped in a wooden lampshade, casts a soft, ambient glow, transforming any space into a haven of peace and

Yamagata Woodworks
Yamagata Woodworks, established in 2021 by the skilled craftsman Taro Yamagata in the lush forests of Hokkaido, Japan, brings a fresh perspective to furniture and accessories through the lens of Wabi Sabi. Taro's work celebrates the inherent beauty and character of wood, embracing its knots, grains, and the natural aging process as symbols of life's imperfections.


Material: Wood
Voltage: 110V~220V
Size: 21cm x 25cm

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