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Qi Yixuan Furniture

Zen Art Candle Holder

Zen Art Candle Holder

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Zen Art Candle Holder
Crafted with an appreciation for classical elegance, our Zen Art Candle Holder embodies the tranquility of the Ming and Qing dynasties' aesthetics. Each piece, made from robust wood and iron, showcases the timeless beauty of Chinese Zen ornaments.

Our journey to creating this collection began during a reflective visit to an ancient temple in Guangdong, where the serene ambiance inspired us to bring a piece of that peace into homes worldwide. It's not just a candle holder; it's a bridge to the past, inviting calm and contemplation into your space.

About Qi Yixuan Furniture
Qi Yixuan Furniture, founded in 2018 by Aiko Fujimoto in the serene countryside of Hokkaido, Japan, is a boutique studio that epitomizes the Wabi Sabi aesthetic with its rustic furniture line. Aiko's craftsmanship celebrates the beauty of imperfection and the natural aging process, creating pieces that embody tranquility and the art of living harmoniously with nature.

Material: Solid Wood, Iron
Sizes: Serenity: 48 x 10 x 45cm
Harmony: 22 x 20 x 98cm
Tranquility: 25 x 26 x 104cm

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