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Wabi Asia

Zen Stoneware Asjiuro

Zen Stoneware Asjiuro

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Zen Stoneware Asjiuro
The Retro Chinese Ceramic Flower pots are exquisite pieces of art that showcase the rich cultural heritage of China. These planters pay tribute to five revered Chinese gods: Guan Yu, Mazu, Yu Huang, Nuwa, and Erlang Shen, each of whom has unique traits and characteristics that are reflected in the design of the pots.

These planters are not just functional but also serve as beautiful works of art that add a touch of elegance and charm to any indoor or outdoor space. The intricate designs and patterns on each pot are inspired by the gods' specific qualities, and each pot is crafted with care to bring out the essence of their divine attributes.

When you plant your favorite herbs, flowers, or succulents in these pots, you're not only giving them a beautiful home, but you're also creating a unique and meaningful atmosphere that honors these revered Chinese gods. The presence of these divine entities creates a sense of spiritual energy that can help bring balance and harmony to your environment.

About Wabi Asia
Wabi Asia, our in-house brand launched in 2022, embodies the essence of the Wabi Sabi aesthetic. Founded by our own visionary team, led by the creative spirit that drives our firm, Wabi Asia is a testament to our dedication to art, design, and the philosophy that beauty lies in the authenticity and stories behind each piece.

Guan Yu (关羽) - 1.5 cm x 14 cm (Diameter x Height)
Mazu (妈祖) - 1.5 cm x 13.5 cm (Diameter x Height)
Yu Huang (玉皇) - 1 cm x 13.0 cm (Diameter x Height)
Nuwa (女娲) - 2 cm x 8.5 cm (Diameter x Height)
Erlang Shen (二郎神) - 3 cm x 9.0 cm (Diameter x Height)

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