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Half Past Ten

Wabi Sabi Missile Decor

Wabi Sabi Missile Decor

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Wabi Sabi Missile Decor
Our Wabi Sabi Missile Decor embodies the beauty of imperfection, inspired by the serene aesthetics of traditional Japanese design. Crafted from wood, each piece tells a story of discovery and appreciation for the simple, yet profound, nuances of nature.

The design journey began in a quaint Japanese B&B, where the fusion of rustic charm and minimalist elegance sparked the creation of these ornaments. Perfect for adding a touch of Zen to living rooms, they serve not only as decorations but as reminders of tranquility in our daily lives.

About Half Past Ten
Half Past Ten, born from the imaginative spirit of Chen Ming in the bustling streets of Taipei in 2021, stands as a sanctuary where rustic furniture transcends mere functionality. Here, in Chen's world, furniture is reimagined as a canvas for storytelling, where every nick, curve, and texture unfolds a narrative steeped in the principles of Wabi Sabi — celebrating the imperfect, the transient, and the modest.

Material: Wood
Size: Width 25 x Height 38 cm
Width 25 x Height 50 cm
Width 30 x Height 45 cm

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