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Wabi Asia

Wabi Sabi Ceramic Vase

Wabi Sabi Ceramic Vase

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Wabi Sabi Ceramic Vase
Crafted with utmost precision, the ceramic vase features a unique mottled design that adds a touch of rustic allure to any space. The irregular patterns and gentle cracks on the surface not only enhance its visual appeal but also embrace the essence of wabi sabi—an appreciation of imperfections and the beauty of impermanence.

This vase is thoughtfully designed to serve as a stunning centerpiece or a focal point in your interior decor. Its versatile size and shape make it suitable for displaying a variety of floral arrangements, capturing the delicate balance between nature and human intervention. Whether you choose to arrange a vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers or opt for minimalist branches and foliage, this vessel effortlessly complements any style or setting.

About Wabi Asia
Wabi Asia, our in-house brand launched in 2022, embodies the essence of the Wabi Sabi aesthetic. Founded by our own visionary team, led by the creative spirit that drives our firm, Wabi Asia is a testament to our dedication to art, design, and the philosophy that beauty lies in the authenticity and stories behind each piece.

Material: Ceramic
Suji: Hole (10cm), Width (19cm), Height (20cm)
Kami: Hole (10cm), Width (18cm), Height (29cm)

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