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Takazawa Noto Ipponsugi Candle

Takazawa Noto Ipponsugi Candle

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Takazawa Noto Ipponsugi Candle

The Takazawa Noto Ipponsugi Candle captures the essence of a quietly profound tradition from the ancient streets of Noto Nanao, Japan. Each candle, meticulously handcrafted from the rare Cotinus wax extracted from the fruits of the Cochinacea tree in Kyushu, is a testament to a craft preserved through centuries. The wax's unique properties allow for a slow, serene burn that emits a warm, orange hue, inviting a moment of peaceful contemplation.

These candles are designed with an innovative wick made from Ishishu Washi paper, produced in Shimane Prefecture, and wrapped with rushes from Nara Prefecture. This combination ensures a stable and powerful light, while the hollow cone shape of the wick facilitates bottom-to-top combustion, enhancing the candle's efficiency and preventing wax drippage.

Packaged in sets of eight, each candle stands about 8 cm tall and offers approximately 45 minutes of burn time. The tranquil flame and the delicate scent underscore a moment of zen, creating an atmosphere conducive to meditation, reflection, or simply a quiet evening at home.

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Materials: Cotinus wax, with a wick of Ishishu Washi and rushes.
Size: 8 cm in height, with each box containing 8 pieces.

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