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Yamagata Woodworks

Kintsugi Beam Artisan Lamp

Kintsugi Beam Artisan Lamp

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Kintsugi Beam Artisan Lamp
The Kintsugi Beam Artisan Lamp, with its design inspired by the Japanese art of embracing imperfections, brings a soothing presence into any room. This lamp, meticulously handcrafted from solid wood and complemented by a delicate glass lampshade, reflects the serene beauty of nature. It stands not just as a source of light but as an emblem of harmony and resilience, embodying the principles of simplicity and natural beauty. Whether it casts a gentle glow or a tranquil beam, each lamp invites a sense of calm, making it an ideal companion for moments of reflection or gatherings in warm, welcoming spaces.

Yamagata Woodworks
Yamagata Woodworks, established in 2021 by the skilled craftsman Taro Yamagata in the lush forests of Hokkaido, Japan, brings a fresh perspective to furniture and accessories through the lens of Wabi Sabi. Taro's work celebrates the inherent beauty and character of wood, embracing its knots, grains, and the natural aging process as symbols of life's imperfections.


Material: Solid wood body with a glass lampshade, symbolizing the harmonious union of strength and delicacy.
Puny 124cm
Loft 150cm
Power Specifications:
16W-20W, for an energy-efficient glow at 220V.
Illumination Area: Designed to softly light up an area of 1㎡-3㎡.

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