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Wabi Asia

Kasumi Wabi Stool Art

Kasumi Wabi Stool Art

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Kasumi Wabi Stool Art
The Kasumi Wabi Stool enchanted us with its harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. Crafted from solid wood, this piece encapsulates the essence of the wabi-sabi philosophy, celebrating the beauty found in the imperfections of natural materials.

Its versatile design serves not only as a functional stool but also as an artistic statement, enhancing spaces with its understated elegance.

About Half Past Ten
Half Past Ten, born from the imaginative spirit of Chen Ming in the bustling streets of Taipei in 2021, stands as a sanctuary where rustic furniture transcends mere functionality. Here, in Chen's world, furniture is reimagined as a canvas for storytelling, where every nick, curve, and texture unfolds a narrative steeped in the principles of Wabi Sabi — celebrating the imperfect, the transient, and the modest. This studio isn't just about creating pieces for the home; it's about crafting spaces where time slows, and beauty is found in the whispers of the unfinished and the worn, inviting a moment of reflection in our otherwise hurried lives.

Material: Solid Wood

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