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Liangzhi Studio

Hiji Quiet Black Pot

Hiji Quiet Black Pot

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Hiji Quiet Black Pot
The Hiji Quiet Black Pot is an embodiment of tranquility and the subtle beauty that lies within the understated. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pot is shaped from the earth’s clay, embracing the essence of natural simplicity and the elegance of shadows. The deep black glaze that coats its surface mirrors the serene depth of night, inviting a moment of reflection and calm into any space it inhabits. Its purpose goes beyond the mere act of holding; it is a vessel for stillness, a curator of peace in the daily hustle. Perfect for displaying greenery or standing alone as a statement piece, the Hiji Quiet Black Pot is a testament to the beauty found in simplicity, the strength of quietude, and the profound connection to the natural world.

Liangzhi Studio
Liangzhi Studio, brought to life in 2023 by the imaginative Yuna Liang in the cultural tapestry of Taipei, is a beacon of innovation in the realm of home decor. Yuna's unique vision seamlessly blends the ancient philosophy of Wabi Sabi with contemporary design, creating decor that speaks to the soul's yearning for authenticity and connection.


Material: Clay, with a deep black glaze finish
9cm x 23cm x 22.5cm

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