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Qingquan Ancient

Ancient Whisper Tree Bench

Ancient Whisper Tree Bench

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Ancient Whisper Tree Bench
A bench that embodies the wabi-sabi philosophy of embracing imperfection and the transient nature of life. This tree-shaped bench, ideal for B&B hotel decorations, tea rooms, or as a serene addition to your balcony, invites quiet reflection and a connection to nature.

Crafted from durable wood, each bench tells a unique story through its form, inspired by the wind-swept trees' enduring strength and beauty. It's not just furniture; it's a piece of art that brings the outdoors into your living space.

Qingquan Ancient
Founded in 2008 by Hiroshi Takahashi in the tranquil prefecture of Kyoto, Japan, Qingquan Ancient is a boutique studio where the essence of Wabi Sabi is woven into every piece of rustic furniture. Hiroshi and his team dedicate themselves to creating pieces that honor the beauty of natural imperfection and the passage of time, offering a serene reflection of life's fleeting moments through their work.

Dimensions: Various options available, tailored to fit different spaces and preferences.
Material: Premium wood, chosen for its durability and natural beauty.

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