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Haichen Paintings & Palettes

Ambient Modern Dimensions

Ambient Modern Dimensions

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Ambient Modern Dimensions
Ambient Modern Dimensions is a collection that stands at the confluence of tranquility and modern design. Each piece, named Azure Depth, Silent Dawn, and Ivory Silence, encapsulates a unique moment in time, translating the ephemeral beauty of nature and emotion into a language of color and form that speaks directly to the soul. These variations are not just art; they are windows to a world where simplicity and complexity coexist in harmony.

Haichen Paintings & Palettes
Haichen Paintings & Palettes, founded in 2022 by the enigmatic and spirited Haichen Lu in the heart of Beijing, breaks the mold of traditional art studios. Haichen's approach weaves the ancient philosophy of Wabi Sabi into the canvas of the modern world, offering paintings that celebrate the beauty of imperfection, the transient, and the incomplete.


Material: Comprehensive material with a density board core
Pattern: Abstract
Style: Simple and modern with a touch of the ethereal
Frame Type: Three-dimensional, frameless painting
50cm x 70cm
60cm x 80cm
70cm x 90cm
80cm x 120cm

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